Other Features
    • Fusion-welded sash and master frame for added strength.

    • Tilt-in sashes for ease of cleaning.

    • Full balance covers help protect against air infiltration and add a finished look to the window interior.

    • Constant force balances eliminate sash cords, weights, and pulleys, and make opening and closing the window easier.

    • Compression type bulb seal at the sill acts as a secondary weather stripping.

    • Color-coordinated tilt latches as well as lock and keeper for a clean, consistent appearance.

    • Color coordinated dual vent locks limit the movement of the sashes from the interior and exterior while allowing for ventilation.
    • High performance Low-E glass with argon gas for added energy efficiency.

    • Obscure glass available.

    • Choose from standard, contour, or brass grids.

    • Colonial or diamond grids as well as specialty grooved glass patterns.

    • Available in light or dark oak as well as cherry wood grain interior.

    • Full or half fiberglass screens for all models.

    • All models available in white and beige with an optional American Brown exterior.
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