Enclosed is the evaluation sheet I was asked to complete. However, I felt it important to put a better explanation of our rating of your firm.

From the very beginning of this process to the end I must say it has been a pleasure to have had dealt with your firm. Brian started process out with a very detailed and professional presentation. NO HIGH PRESSURE, he simply laid it on the line. He listened to my needs and gave me what I asked for. Then Dave comes out to measure and again total professionalism. He explained what would happen and it did.

Now, here comes the best! I don’t know all the roofers names, but, suffice to say totally impressive. Even the neighbors were shocked at the speed in which it was done. No sacrifice on quality. Don’t ever get rid of John and Ray who did the windows and doors. These guys are a total class act. They even put up with our little dog. Needless to say, after seeing these two guys I was not even concerned about the siding job. But, I must mention that Chris and Mark were equally as impressive and professional as the rest of your team. Great People!!!!

Suffice to say, my wife and I are extremely happy and feel we made the right decision using you guys. I will not hesitate to recommend your Company to my friends and neighbors.

One disappointment though. Someone (another firm working in area) took your sign. We are so proud of our house and the job you did that I would be more than willing to put your sign up for a while if you want.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for a job well done!!!! It was well worth it for me to take off work and watch it take shape.